Outsmarting the Typhon: Strategies for Taking Down Prey’s Toughest Foes

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The article discusses strategies for defeating the Typhon, formidable enemies in the game Prey. It emphasizes the importance of understanding each Typhon’s abilities and weaknesses. Exploiting elemental vulnerabilities and using a diverse and upgraded arsenal are key tactics. Environmental hazards and stealth can also be utilized to gain an advantage. The article includes FAQs that provide additional tips and advice. Ultimately, the article concludes that by combining these strategies and continuously adapting, players can outsmart and overcome the Typhon.

Outsmarting the Typhon: Strategies for Taking Down Prey’s Toughest Foes


The Typhon are relentless adversaries that prey encounters in their journey. These formidable foes require cunning strategies and careful planning to outsmart and defeat. In this article, we will explore effective techniques to overcome the challenges posed by the Typhon and emerge victorious.

Understanding the Typhon

The Typhon encompass a diverse array of enemies, each equipped with unique abilities and weaknesses. Before formulating a strategy, it is crucial to understand the behavior and characteristics of individual Typhon specimens. Whether it’s the agile Phantom, the mind-controlling Telepath, or the indestructible Nightmare, identifying their weaknesses is the key to success.

Exploit Elemental Vulnerabilities

Elemental vulnerabilities are one of the Typhon’s major weaknesses. Many Typhon species are highly susceptible to specific elemental damage types. For example, the fire-wielding Etheric Phantom is exceptionally vulnerable to ice attacks. Utilize weapons and abilities that exploit these elemental weaknesses to deal substantial damage to the Typhon and swiftly incapacitate them.

Upgrade & Diversify Your Arsenal

Maintaining a diverse and upgraded arsenal is crucial in tackling the Typhon menace effectively. Invest in weapon upgrades and unlock powerful mods to enhance your firepower. Experiment with different weapons and ammunition types to identify the most effective combinations against specific Typhon species. A versatile arsenal equips you with the tools needed to adapt to various combat scenarios and exploit the Typhon’s vulnerabilities.

Exploit Environmental Hazards

The environment can be your greatest ally when battling the Typhon. The surroundings offer numerous opportunities to exploit environmental hazards and gain an advantage. For instance, setting up proximity mines near explosive canisters or luring Typhon into electrified water can cause significant damage. Pay attention to your surroundings and creatively utilize environmental hazards to gain the upper hand in combat.

Use Your Wits: Stealth and Distractions

Not all Typhon encounters require direct confrontation. Employing stealth tactics can be an effective means of bypassing or incapacitating enemies discreetly. Utilize the environment to create distractions, such as throwing objects or setting off alarms, to lure Typhon away from your intended path or into advantageous positions. The element of surprise can often turn the tides in your favor.


Q: How do I determine a Typhon’s elemental vulnerability?

A: By observing their behavior and visual cues, you can often deduce their elemental weakness. Experiment with different elemental attacks to identify which one inflicts the most damage.

Q: Are there any specific weapons or abilities recommended for taking down the Nightmare?

A: The Nightmare possesses incredible resilience, making it particularly challenging to defeat. High-impact weapons like the Q-Beam and abilities such as the Kinetic Blast can help stagger and weaken the Nightmare, providing windows of opportunity to inflict significant damage.

Q: What should I do if I find myself overwhelmed by multiple Typhon enemies?

A: Prioritize your targets based on their threat level and vulnerabilities. Utilize area-of-effect abilities and weapons to damage multiple enemies simultaneously. Additionally, retreat to a secure area to regroup and strategize.

Q: Can I employ non-lethal methods to deal with the Typhon?

A: Yes, non-lethal strategies can be employed to incapacitate the Typhon without killing them. Utilize tranquilizer darts or stun devices to temporarily immobilize enemies, giving you a chance to proceed without ending their existence.

Q: Is there a way to track Typhon specimens and their weaknesses?

A: Yes, maintaining a Typhon Codex can help you keep track of encountered specimens and their vulnerabilities. Collect data and analyze it to identify weaknesses and develop effective strategies.

By combining these strategies and continuously adapting your approach, you will be able to outsmart and overcome the Typhon menace. Remember, knowledge and careful planning are your greatest weapons against these formidable adversaries.