Surviving in the Wilderness: Essential Bushcraft Skills You Need to Know

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Surviving in the wilderness requires essential bushcraft skills, whether camping, hiking or in an emergency situation. Navigation, building a shelter, finding purifying water, starting a fire and foraging for food are vital. Navigation requires a map, compass or GPS device as well as learning how to read the sky and stars. Building a shelter from natural materials, for example, branches, leaves or bark, is essential to protect against extreme weather conditions. Water is essential, so purifying it using a filter, boil water, or use chemical purification methods. Knowing how to create a fire without matches or a lighter and foraging for wild edibles are necessary survival skills.


Surviving in the Wilderness: Essential Bushcraft Skills You Need to Know

The wilderness is an unpredictable environment that can quickly become a dangerous situation if you are not properly equipped with bushcraft skills. Whether you are planning a camping trip, a hike, or need to survive in an emergency situation, it is essential to have the necessary skills to survive in the wilderness.

Read on to learn about the essential bushcraft skills you need to know to stay safe and thrive in the wilderness.

1. Navigation

The ability to navigate through the wilderness is vital to your survival. It is important to carry a map, compass, or GPS device to ensure you can find your way around any terrain. You should also learn how to read the sky and stars if you don’t have any navigational tools with you.

2. Shelter

Building a shelter is crucial for surviving in the wilderness. You need to know how to build a shelter from natural materials, such as branches, leaves, and bark. A properly constructed shelter can protect you from extreme weather conditions and keep you warm and dry.

3. Water

Water is essential for your survival, and it is important to know how to find and purify water in the wilderness. You should avoid drinking water from streams or lakes without purification methods. You can use a filter, boil water over a fire, or use chemical purification methods to make sure the water is safe to drink.

4. Fire

Fire is one of the most important bushcraft skills you can learn. It provides warmth, light, and allows you to cook food. You need to know how to start a fire without matches or a lighter. You can use a fire starter kit or learn how to create fire using natural materials like flint or a bow drill.

5. Food

Knowing how to forage for wild edibles is a necessary skill for survival in the wilderness. You need to know how to identify and harvest wild plants that are safe to eat. Fishing and hunting are also excellent ways to obtain food in the wilderness.


1. What should you do if you get lost in the wilderness?

If you get lost in the wilderness, you need to stay calm and assess your situation. You should stay put and try to signal for help. Use your emergency signaling device such as whistle or multi-purpose mirror. You can also make a fire or use a flash light to signal to rescue teams.

2. Can you drink water from a lake or river in the wilderness?

No, you should purify water from the wilderness. Drinking water directly from a lake or river can lead to waterborne diseases like giardia dysentery and others. You should use filtration equipment or boil the water to make it safe for drinking.

3. Is it safe to eat wild plants in the wilderness?

It is essential to learn how to identify and harvest wild plants and berries that are safe to eat. Many wild plants are not edible, and some can be extremely poisonous. It is important to learn from a trusted source or guide.

In conclusion, having essential bushcraft skills can help you survive in the wilderness. Navigation, shelter, water, fire, and food are essential skills to know. Make sure you prepare well and familiarize yourself with the environment you enter. Consider taking a bushcraft course or guided wilderness tour to learn more. Be safe, and have fun exploring the wild!